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  • 1.  Curbs

    Posted 30 May 2019 17:47
    Hi folks,

    Just curious, as Canada is relatively new in Asset Management, I would like to know about how you treat curbs as assets. Do you treat them as part of roads or as a separate assets by itself. Also would like your thoughts on medians. How do you value these assets.


    Arun Chulliyil
    Town of New Tecumseth

  • 2.  RE: Curbs

    Posted 19 June 2019 20:12
    Hi Arun

    Basically, you're looking at componentisation of an asset. You need to look at what asset has a significantly different life and cost to an adjacent one. In this case, the curb (kerb) is completely different to the road pavement and seal. Also, a road is usually broken up into quite long segments, where a kerb is usually only block to block, or maybe only partially along it.

    In our asset register (Conquest) we have a road header that links to the GIS. Under that goes the road components
    1) Road formation split into segments
    2) Road pavement. For an unsealed road, also used for the top layer of gravel.
    3) Road seal (top layer - bitumen, concrete, asphalt)
    4) Kerb
    5) Footpaths
    6) Median strips and roundabouts.

    We value medians and roundabouts by the kerb around it, and what's in the middle. Grass, pavers, garden beds...  There's a large upfront cost to build these as you have to worry about traffic management so you can't just use a garden bed rate for instance.

    Hope this helps.

    Ricky Luke
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Glenelg Shire Council