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Ex Situ Foamed bitumen Stabilisation

  • 1.  Ex Situ Foamed bitumen Stabilisation

    Posted 23 October 2018 18:06
    ​Dear All

    Recently we carried out insitu foamed bitumen stabilisation on a number of industrial Roads with great success, we are now looking at doing a major patching program on a number of sites around council urban roads. The method we propose is Ex-Situ (Plant Based) foamed bitumen where we can stock pile the treated material and carry out works on the individual sites over a two week period.

    I am chasing background info from councils who have had some experience in this technology, i.e. was it succesful how much per cubic meter/tonne did it cost, was there any issues in construction methods in putting the stock piled material in the ground, workability traing of depot staff. etc etc.

    I would very much appreciate any help in this, you can email any info if necessary.   (costings etc for privacy)

    Cheers,   Phil


  • 2.  RE: Ex Situ Foamed bitumen Stabilisation

    Posted 25 October 2018 21:21

    Hang on for a while until Carboncor Australia Pty Ltd and their state distributors get going. The company was only set up on 11 April this year in Darwin, closest to Singapore.

    I understand they've already covered an airstrip in the NT, and recently did some road patch up work in Townsville.

    The product is a cold premix asphalt to mix and clean up with water. It's easy to use, has a long shelf life, up to 24 months in bags and even 10 days loose on the back of a truck.

    It was developed in South Africa in 1999, and has taken it via Malaysia and Singapore to get to Australia.

    Check it out on or

    Ian A. Hudson
    Airlie Beach Qld 4802