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Specification for vehicular crossing

  • 1.  Specification for vehicular crossing

    Posted 19 November 2019 22:13
    hello do dish crossing and vehicular crossing are same?
    I need a specification for the dish crossing , the concrete surface in between the road ways  towards the right of way.
    Would you guide me where can i find the specifications for the dish crossing?

  • 2.  RE: Specification for vehicular crossing

    Posted 24 November 2019 17:35
    there is a term I have not heard for a while, but the short answer is not really, I think what your asking about is two gutters joined together versus a engineered crossing

    dish crossing


    either have specs for the animal your looking for

  • 3.  RE: Specification for vehicular crossing

    Posted 24 November 2019 17:35
    ​Hello Bibek
    To me a dish crossing is a v shape gutter, there is no nose on it like a layback.
    Dish crossing are sometimes used in vehicle crossings, however the most common location is as a gutter across an intersection where the water isn't collected by a pit upstream of the intersection.

    A vehicle crossing is between the road ( carriageway ) and the 'private' property adjacent to the road and consists of a gutter crossing and then the driveway crossing, the gutter crossing being part of the longitudinal street drainage, and part of the road structure and the driveway crossing being the connection between the gutter crossing and the private property.

    Gutter crossings are and urban device and  generally are laybacks but some old ones are bridge crossings or pipe crossing or even dish crossings.  Rural areas typically have a pipe crossing over the table drain along the road and are a distance from the edge of the sealed pavement.

    Specifications, I would recommend AusSpec.  Austroads drawings may help with the dimensions if not in AusSpec.

    Like a lot of things, this can depend on local terminology, just like kerb is used in some states and curb in others, though the dimensions are the same.

    Jim Turner
    Ku-ring-gai Council