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Fuel Tax Credits

  • 1.  Fuel Tax Credits

    Posted 05 November 2018 23:35

    We have recently completed a program to claim back FTC for a Council in Sydney.

    So many people do not know about the claims open to SMEs and Councils and State Government Departments.

    If the FTCs are available then please claim them. It's an entitlement under the Act and most light commercial fleets don't do it.

    Michael Graham

  • 2.  RE: Fuel Tax Credits

    Posted 06 November 2018 20:45
    A lot of these claims are done via Corporate Services in isolation, and the rebates absorbed at that level as opposed to at the cost centre paying for them. Other avenues include incorporating the FTC and FBT elements in your Fleet IVMS/Telematic programs which will allow you to calculate and claim these items more efficiently and accurately as well.