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5 Year Reseal & Resurfacing Program

  • 1.  5 Year Reseal & Resurfacing Program

    Posted 22 May 2019 22:50

    Dear mates,

    Our Asset Strategy team is developing a 5 year forward program for road reseal and resurfacing works, initially based on modelling using the SMEC Pavement Management System. 

    For the first year of the program, treatments selected from modelling are inspected in the field to confirm the scope of works and associated preparation works (including patching areas and quantities, if any) and may be adjusted by applied engineering judgement to suit the site conditions and to fit within the overall budget. It has been requested that a 5 year forward program be published on Council's GIS/GeoHub.

    We are interested in knowing if other Councils do this and what information about forward reseal/resurfacing program/s is provided particularly when sites and treatments may be subject to change in future years.

    Would welcome any comments and feedback.


    David Gresik | Principal Asset Strategy Engineer
    Asset Strategy Team | Civil Asset Management Branch
    Built Infrastructure Group | Sunshine Coast Council

    Phone: 07 5475 8887
    Mobile: 0427 357 942
    Mail: Locked Bag 72 Sunshine Coast Mail Centre Qld 4560

  • 2.  RE: 5 Year Reseal & Resurfacing Program

    Posted 26 May 2019 18:57
    ​Hi David,

    From my experience SMEC is considered a 'probabilistic model' and so is good for predicting the future network condition under different financial models.  The ability of SMEC to determine which specific roads are to be treated when is hampered by a number of things the majors being accounting for:
     - combine roadblocks into projects
     - political drivers
     - upgrade projects

    SMEC expects a 'ground truthing' to occur on the recommended 'road block treatments'.
    MBRC has formalized and expanded on this 'ground truthing' process.

    We currently run the resurfacing and rehabilitation programs from an inhouse database based on visual inspection data and road usage which integrates into the financial/project system.  From this I can produce a prioritised list of projects for the next five years, driven by financial constraints.  The system has been running successfully for a few of years.

    MBRC closed down SMEC a couple of years ago and are currently looking to transition to an alterative for the long term strategic probabilistic outputs.

    Happy to discuss if you wish to contact me.

    David Cullen
    Coordinator Technical Services
    Moreton Bay Regional Council
    P: 3480 6284