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  • 1.  TGSI's

    Posted 15 May 2019 18:05
    Hi All

    Council is currently upgrading bus stops to DDA standards.

    Council has used plastic tactile studs on bladed shatfs to retro fit to existing concrete, however, the tactiles only lasted 1 - 2 years as they became brittle and broke off. Councils has also use plastic adhesive tactiles pads (300x300) but found they lift after time.

    I'd like to stay with a plastic due to cost over metal tactiles. Can anyone recommend a brand of plastic tactiles that have been successfully retro fitted to existing concrete footpaths.

    Greg Hughes
    Coffs Harbour City Council

  • 2.  RE: TGSI's

    Posted 05 August 2019 23:51
    Hi Greg,

    I am not sure if the works are already completed but our City was having the same issues. After checking on several TGSI's we have started adopting blade tactiles (link  below). These have found to be effective and serves the purpose. After installing if the product has worn off for some reason it can be replaced easily with new ones as the groove remains intact.

    Santosh Amasi
    City of Armadale


  • 3.  RE: TGSI's

    Posted 12 August 2019 20:58
    We think we know a thing or two about TGSIs, having been in the industry for 18 years and having been an Access Consultant for 13 years. There are two brands of bladed shaft on the market - the Sydney based brand we have continually replaced with 300 x 300mm Polyurethane tactiles even after 17 months. The Melbourne based product, having been tested in a lab back in 2012, fails because " the mixture of TPU and TPE do not combine well in the manufacturing process and it appears that the TPE and TPU segregates after a while and causes the TGSI to fall apart."

    UV plays a most important contribution to the disintegration of plastic studs whether on a bladed shaft or as an individual item. The UV weakens the physical nature of the plastic and the product does not have sufficient structural integrity, so cracks, crumbles and breaks off. The difference on projects where studs are in the sun and others in continual shade is most highlighting.

    There is an answer to 300 x 300mm peel and stick tactiles which may eventually start lifting at the edges, probably due to poor installation.
    Australian Polyurethane Solutions in Mulgrave, Victoria manufactures, in Melbourne, a 300 x 300mm polyurethane tactile which is glue and screw, both in warning and directional patterns. We have been using them with 40mm long 304SS Hammerfix screws in concrete or 60mm long 304SS Hammerfix in asphalt with two major Councils in North Queensland having successfully installed these in the past 12 months, one using many hundreds.

    Ian A. Hudson
    Disability Access Consultant
    Tactile Access Consultants Pty Ltd
    Airlie Beach
    040 9976015

    Ian A. Hudson