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Asset Register with Attributes and Work Management

  • 1.  Asset Register with Attributes and Work Management

    Posted 22 October 2019 22:11

    We are an organization working on developing products for asset management of Australian councils. We are targeting to develop a system with pre-configured council specific asset data which can be used by council from the word go. We are looking for following type of data to be configured in our system:

    1. Common Asset and Component Types list relevant to councils
    2. Common attributes and attributes specific to assets/components relevant to councils and fulfilling Government regulations and requirements
    3. Work Activities, Failure Profiles (Failure Parts, Failure Types, Remedies), Equipment and material used, and maintenance schedules fulfilling regulatory requirements
    4. Condition assessment questions to capture and capture asset condition
    We have a system designed and ready. We just need relevant data to be incorporated.

    Are there any resources available online which you guys can refer. I see some publications available on but since they are paid content I don't know what kind of data is in those publications. I would like to have some insight before I actually buy them.

    Any level of guidance and help would be appreciated.