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Vehicle Fleet Asset Management Plan

  • 1.  Vehicle Fleet Asset Management Plan

    Posted 22 October 2019 22:11
    Hi there, everyone,

    My Organisation - as part of a changes in our Corporate Services, Procurement and Governance areas - is going to rip-into an AMP for the council's vehicle fleet. It's going to be a relatively simple, 'first-cut' exercise this time around - which is where I'm hoping there are a few of you who could be in a great position to help me kick things off?

    So my brief is to take the IPWEA "Plant and Vehicle Management Manual" and create an Asset Management Plan. I'm hoping that some of you have gone through exactly this process and would have a document that you would be happy to share/discuss as a baseline I could work from?

    I'd be interested to hear from anyone in Aussie or NZ who has done something similar.
    Thanks, in advance,

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  • 2.  RE: Vehicle Fleet Asset Management Plan

    Posted 23 October 2019 20:28
    Hi Andy
    Great to hear you are developing a Fleet Asset Management Plan (FAMP) which is a key reference document for the management and improvement of a fleet.

    As you mention the IPWEA Plant and Vehicle Management Manual is a solid reference and the new Edition 4 provides enhanced guidance on developing a FAMP.

    Given the importance of the FAMP, IPWEA FLEET will be including a session on fleet management planning (including the FAMP) in our October / November 2019 Plant and Vehicle Fleet Management Workshop series commencing 29 October in Casino NSW and travelling around 8 regional centres and capital cities. More detail here.

    Rob Wilson
    Director IPWEA FLEET
    Melbourne Australia


  • 3.  RE: Vehicle Fleet Asset Management Plan

    Posted 23 October 2019 22:48
    Hi Andy,

    I prepared a Fleet AMP at the City of Mandurah (Western Australia), around 2011. I no longer have a copy. Try to contact Peter Lo there and he may be able to find it for you. Basically it was developed using the NAMS.Plus template, and modified a little to suit fleet information including fuel.

    Unusual coincidence - I don't think we're related but I did live in Alex a long time ago.

    Doug Bartlett
    Manager Asset Planning
    City of Kalamunda