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  • 1.  Project Planning

    Posted 10 December 2018 20:59
    I do not work in local government, but I have a question related to local government public works and project planning. I am interested in how widespread is the use methods such as the critical path method and software tools such as Microsoft Project. My experience in engineering and construction outside of local government is that the software is in very widespread use, in that everyone has it, but often is used at a rather superficial level. The methods and tools when used expertly and rigorously have the potential to bring a sophisticated degree of project control, but the full potential benefits are not realised. There are demanding requirements for compliance and governance in local government projects. In pursuit of compliance and governance in local governement, is it common or rare that there is adoption of the methods (such as CPM) and expert use of the software tools (such as Microsoft Project, but others also)?