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Policy For Silo Art Work

  • 1.  Policy For Silo Art Work

    Posted 19 January 2020 16:43
    ​Hi Mates,

    Does anyone have a policy for painting silos or reservoirs with art work?


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    Posted 20 January 2020 22:57
    Hi MIchael,
    No silos in the Blue Mountains but we have a few different classes of mural projects.

    The Public Art Policy, ( only applies to murals which are Council projects.

    For murals which are done on private buidings, they undergo a standard Development Application process.

    We have an excpetion for a precinct which has been formed in a backstreet in Katoomba Toan Centre known as the art walk, (Street Art Walk). This covers a number of privately owned commercial buildings and it was approved under a "heritage minor works" approval under the BMCC LEP Clause 5.10(3).
    If there are any heritage implications on your silos there may be a similar mechanism you can use in your area.

    I hope your mural project is a beautiful success.
    Sally Thompson
    Blue Mountains City Council

  • 3.  RE: Policy For Silo Art Work

    Posted 21 January 2020 21:15

    It's just paint, maybe you don't need a policy!
    If the community is already agreeable, stand and watch them do it and applaud the result.
    I have yet to see a silo that the image is not widely liked or respected - who is gong to object?
    Maybe there would be more flak by being bureaucratic requiring an application?


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    Posted 21 January 2020 21:14
    A good place contact would City of Albany, Shire of Ravensthorpe and Shire of Lake Grace as they have undertaken Silo Paintings the past few years.

  • 5.  RE: Policy For Silo Art Work

    Posted 21 January 2020 21:14

    Toowoomba Regional Council has a Public Arts Policy which encompasses Public Arts Guidelines but it is not specifically aimed at silos or reservoirs.
    This is an extract from the guidelines

    4.1.4    Legal graffiti paints do not require Town Planning approval, however, may require other approval through Council. In some cases it may be necessary to check development approvals of Commercial Buildings as a Schedule of External Finishes or conditions relating to finishes may form part of an approval and an alteration to the external parts of the building (although not resulting in an increase in GFA) may result in non-compliance with the conditions of an approval.


    4.1.5    Where the artwork is in the form of painting an object or wall building approval is not required. However, free standing structures may need engineering certification to meet safety requirements.

    Terry McIvor
    Senior Civil Designer
    Toowoomba Regional Council


  • 6.  RE: Policy For Silo Art Work

    Posted 21 January 2020 21:14
    The following link to the City of Greater Geelong's page may be of assistance as we have a number of building murals and silo art work.

    Aaron McGlade
    Senior Infrastructure Management Engineer
    City of Greater Geelong