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Road Condition Assessment

  • 1.  Road Condition Assessment

    Posted 10 December 2019 17:15
    Hello Mates,
    Council would like to do Road Condition Assessment of the local and regional road network.
    Would you advise the use of Road Assets Condition Assessment System (RACAS)  or other alternatives to get the assets conditions for Traffic, Rutting, Roughness and Structures for the assets.Happy to get your advise.

  • 2.  RE: Road Condition Assessment

    Posted 15 December 2019 18:07
    ​Hey Bibek

    You have mixed up condition data base with traffic data. Traffic data is collected stand alone to condition data. Traffic data is collected and collated through either link count from tube or by intersection count.  Condition data such as roughness and rutting is being collected in Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) through Laser Profilometer and reported in Pavement Management System (PMS) whereas the structure data  is being collected from Falling Weight Deflectometer method in TRC . In order to estimate the strength of pavement, traffic data is sourced into PMS system. I hope that helps.


  • 3.  RE: Road Condition Assessment

    Posted 15 December 2019 22:21
    ​Hi Bibek, at Rockhampton Council we have been using the RACAS system to determine when a road requires grading or not for the past two years. RACAS has a roughness measurement which can be easily done and repeatable.
    We have been using two main items on our rural gravel roads basically the roughness of the road and the amount of gravel remaining on the road. We use the RACAS system to measure both. The roughness is automatic by RACAS and the depth of gravel is a visual system by the driver. Eg when she/he sees subgrade he press's a button on the tablet and then again when gravel is encountered.
    This has been working very well for us and is low cost. This means that we are regularly running our roads to determine the current condition.

    If you need any further advise contact me.