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CCTV inspection of stormwater pipes using WinCan8

  • 1.  CCTV inspection of stormwater pipes using WinCan8

    Posted 29 September 2019 00:15

    We are currently undertaking CCTV inspections of stormwater pipes for asset management purpose and just realised that WinCan8 currently used for CCTV inspections refer to "Appendix E - Scoring of defects and the preliminary grading of condition of Sewers" in WSA 05 2008 2.2.  I realise there is no separate category for stormwater pipes in WSA 2008.  Further, I understand WinCanX refers to scoring criteria for stormwater pipes specified in Appeindix D of WSA 05 2013 3.1.  I understand many other Councils undertake planned CCTV inspections for asset management purpose and possibly have identified this as an issue.  I would like to know if there is a significant difference in the condition & serviceability rating/gradings determined from using WSA 2008 as compared to WSA 2013.  I very much appreciate your comments on this matter.



  • 2.  RE: CCTV inspection of stormwater pipes using WinCan8

    Posted 30 September 2019 20:34
    ​Hi Joga,

    I can only answer partially for you.  We at TRC use WSA 05-2008 at present for CCTV Inspections, whether they are sewer or stormwater, due to the issue of people using 2 different codes for 1 set of work.  I was under the impression there was supposed to be a 2019 version coming out, however this has not occurred and I haven't heard any whispers about it for a while.  We are intending to transition to a newer version when it comes out.

    To answer your questions further, when using Wincan VX, you can choose the particular spec.  You can choose WSA 05-2008 2.2 if you wish to.  You can choose WSA 05 2013.  It's all down to the settings you choose when you start the particular inspection project.  But be aware, once you start a particular project, that's it.  You can't really just change it.  Our crews mapped a V8 project that they'd worked through to the wrong mapping, then completed the inspection.  When I tried to add another inspection to it, the whole interface changed to GERMAN!  So yeah, the moral of this story is, whatever you're doing, pick a standard and stick to it.  Unless you understand German :)