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Asset Collection Data Capture - AppSheet

  • 1.  Asset Collection Data Capture - AppSheet

    Posted 18 February 2020 16:58

    Hi all,


    I'm sharing some software that may be useful to fellow asset managers for data collection and other purposes.



    My colleague, Purna Bhandari and I, needed to capture and verify existing Parks asset data. There were limitations with using existing mobile laptop devices (cost, lack of integrated GPS, usability of software eg typing in excel in the field).


    We stumbled across an add-on to google sheets called AppSheet. This add-on allows for creation of highly customisable forms which can be viewed on iOS and Android devices. The data is saved to google sheets and google drive. Dropbox and other providers are possible, however we didn't test this and Alphabet/Google bought the company recently so could be removed in the future. 


    Try our sample app - may be limited to 10 users.

    Sample app from the AppSheet website



    • Compatible with Android or ios (iPhone or ipad) - uses the integrated GPS and camera for photos.
    • Google drive or Dropbox. Database and photos linked (file name in the cell).
    • Spreadsheet headings become AppSheet fields.
    • Customisable without programming experience.
    • Contextual fields. Useful for subcategories.
    • Dropdowns with multiselection, simple Y/N buttons, +/- buttons for integers etc
    • Basic account is free.
    • Owned by Alphabet/Google.



    • Single point when capturing gps locations. No polygons.
    • 10000 line limit of data - possible to manage around this.
    • We've found some photo uploaded are at a reduced size which need to be reuploaded.
    • Duplicate entries to prevent issues from multiple users - multiple users entering in the same line of data can create conflict. Our work around is limiting concurrent users and prepopulating lines with a unique ID (not fool proof though).
    • Limited log ins.
    • Owned by Alphabet/Google.

    I haven't gone in to making it work as it's difficult to explain and a lot of it is on their website and is intuitive.

    If there are any questions let me know. There is a lot to it but there are a lot applications of this program.


  • 2.  RE: Asset Collection Data Capture - AppSheet

    Posted 19 February 2020 21:29
    It records assets, allows user to note location in GPS co-ordinates or to TAG a pdf where the asset is in non GPS location (ie within a building)
    You can record details, do risk assessment, record condition, damage. Take photo and then uploads your android to a database, which can record multi assessments over time so you can compare. The database then prints out customised reports to excel and word.
    Web site is as follows: