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Pavement Management Systems - Reliability for Project Level Determination

  • 1.  Pavement Management Systems - Reliability for Project Level Determination

    Posted 22 May 2019 17:41

    Hi all,


    We are preparing a discussion paper on the use of the Pavement Management System (PMS) in its determination of project level treatments. Generally, I believe there are several approaches to this and I would like to get some feedback from other users of PMSs as to the level of accuracy they are getting relating to treatment selection and costing.


    The three approaches that appear locally are

    1. PMS only used for Long Term Financial Planning (LTFP) with the worst roads driven every x years to identify the projects and costing for budgeting
    2. PMS used for LTFP and projects identified in PMS and field verified with a % of confidence > 60%
    3. PMS used for LTFP and Projects costing as identified by PMS used for project scope with only a small variation on the scope allowed.


    Appreciate that the degree of certainty of the PMS outputs is dependent on the quality of the collected data but will putting a separate post about this as we will be going to market soon to see what data collection methods are available.


    Anyway look forward to some feedback on this one. If you could reply with which of the approaches above (a,b or c) you use and other comments that would be much appreciated.




    Kind Regards

    Paul Kirkham
    Asset Intelligence Coordinator