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LED Streetlight Flickering

  • 1.  LED Streetlight Flickering

    Posted 25 July 2019 18:25

    We are experiencing some flickering issue with LED luminaries.

    Have anyone experienced or have similar experience with the LED luminaire?

    Appreciate your feedback / comments / suggestion on the matter ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


  • 2.  RE: LED Streetlight Flickering

    Posted 28 July 2019 17:45
    It will probably be under warranty still Nayan. Ask for a replacement.
    If purchased without warranty, I suggest you purchase a more reputable fitting and replace the existing fitting(s)
    If wiring problem, most likely to be  faulty connection to light fitting.

    Regards, Phil

  • 3.  RE: LED Streetlight Flickering

    Posted 28 July 2019 17:45
    No, I am not aware of LED street light flicker.
    However, I am aware that LED light panels fitted in an office ceiling environment did cause some health issues eg headaches for some staff, probably  due to glare. This happened immediately after the fluorescent light panels were changed to LED light panels recently. The exact reasons for the health impacts are still unknown but after some experimenting, we have decided  to remove the LED light panels and re-install fluorescent panels. The health of our staff was more important than the cost the change back. I know this is probably not the right forum or topic to mention this, but it is important to share our experience, that LED lighting could  have some negatives, so be a
    title cautious. Needles to say LED light technology is improving

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