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Maintenance Reporting System

  • 1.  Maintenance Reporting System

    Posted 04 April 2019 20:38
    ​Hi Everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone out there in the workshop area know of a good basic reporting system for recording down time etc.  I am a one man show and currently do job cards manually but would like to go electronic.



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    Posted 07 April 2019 19:24
    I would suggest doing an electronic reporting system via ESRI GIS application SURVEY123 for ArcGIS.  Presuming you have a GIS system in place.  You can design your form, download it to a field tablet, field staff upload to the Cloud on a daily basis, then you can download to an Excel spreadsheet anytime you want to.  We use this for our manhole inspections and I really like the application.  Does not sound like you need a full-on CMMS system which is expensive, very time-consuming to implement, and does not necessarily provide you with the flexibility to cusomise.  SURVEY123  is really easy to implement.  I am more comfortable working in the spreadsheet environment than the database environment (old school I know).  But having the data upload to the cloud is very convenient (and very up-to-date process).  Good luck!​

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    Posted 07 April 2019 22:28
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    Hi Anthony
    It would be worth checking out IPWEA FLEET's MainPlan. MainPlan is ideal for those organisations that manage a small fleet without dedicated fleet management software. The tool allows organisations to switch to an electronic fleet maintenance system, and establish robust maintenance processes, at a very affordable cost.
    Brochure attached. More info can be found at

    Rob Wilson
    Manager IPWEA FLEET
    Melbourne Australia


    IPWEA_FLEET_MAINPLAN.pdf   364K 1 version

  • 4.  RE: Maintenance Reporting System

    Posted 08 April 2019 20:35
    Hi Anthony,
    we use a software system called Open Data Kit for electronic data collection.
    It can create mobile data collection forms for android devices based on excel spreadsheets.
    (ie you define the fields in excel doc and it then generates mobile forms)
    The data can be collected online or offline (and then synchronised later).
    The forms can be as simple or as complicated as you like.
    The data can be stored in a database (that is our preference) or just exported into a spreadsheet.
    It is a free and opensource project which has been evolving for many years now and is quite mature.
    Have a look at: