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Contracted Full Tyre Mtce

  • 1.  Contracted Full Tyre Mtce

    Posted 19 September 2018 21:50
    ​H Guys,

    Looking for some comments on your experiences with contracted FULL tyre maintenance services.  This is an arrangement where Council pays on a $/km travelled, which is all inclusive of checks, rotations, regular mtce(?) and supply and fit new tyres, all done afterhours.  All scheduled mtce essentially included, and punctures or callouts excluded (unplanned).

    Traditionally we have priced tyre supply contracts with price schedules for mtce services on a as required basis.

  • 2.  RE: Contracted Full Tyre Mtce

    Posted 26 September 2018 01:04
    Hi Michael
    I found them good for consistent risk type work on heavy vehicles where known, flat costs, and after hours support to eliminate risk of unroadworthy tyres at start of shift are important. Ie worked fine on contracted waste collection trucks and aggregate haulage fleets.
    Sometimes used tyre cost rate per engine hour if that works better for overall fleet revenue vs cost monitoring.
    Also depended on how much could trust the local depot manager to control tyre providers under normal cost per tyre change arrangements. Not having good people who could pull up a fitter changing tyres early or not doing rotations made cost per hour more attractive as controlling this risk went to tyre company.
    Did require a minimum number of units doing reliable hours at a depot before this was payment offered.