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Installation for Speed Cushions

  • 1.  Installation for Speed Cushions

    Posted 01 October 2013 02:15

    Can anyone direct me to standards or technical directions for the installation of speed cushions on local roads?

    Sandra Robinson
    Road Safety & Traffic Officer
    Leeton Shire Council


  • 2.  RE:Installation for Speed Cushions

    Posted 01 October 2013 21:07

    Hi Sandra,

    Please check Austroad Guideline
    Guide to Traffic Management Part 8: Local Area Traffic Management, Section 7.2.2 Road Cushions


    Siva Karthigesh

    Investigation and Design Engineer.

    Muswellbrook Shire Council

    TP:02 6549 3783



  • 3.  RE:Installation for Speed Cushions

    Posted 01 October 2013 23:14
    Hi Sandra

    Have a look at  AS1742.13 - Appendix C2,  also section 4.6.6 Road Hump Markings

    Rob Fletcher
    Coffs Harbour City Council



  • 4.  RE:Installation for Speed Cushions

    Posted 02 October 2013 00:16
    Hi Sandra,
    The following offers guidance on the warrants and specifications:
    1. Austroads Guide to Traffic Management, Part 8; and
    2. QLD TMR MUTCD Part 13

    Stephen Verity
    Jeff Roorda & Associates


  • 5.  RE:Installation for Speed Cushions

    Posted 03 October 2013 04:31
    Hello comrades.  I'm chuffed that you are using Part 8 of the Austroads guide!  Peter Damen and I have been running workshops based on the Guide for several years now, and we do stress that local guidelines and requirements should also be followed. In NSW, for example, you need to be aware of RMS Supplement PUB.11.022.  The Supplement to AS 1742 also lists a number of "Complementary Materials" that you need to be aware of in NSW.   The suppliers also have a fair bit of experience with installations.


    Ray Brindle
    Editor, "Road and Transport Research", ARRB Group
    Malmsbury VIC



  • 6.  RE:Installation for Speed Cushions

    Posted 03 October 2013 03:09

    Hi Sandra

    In addition to Austroads, I suggest you refer to in particular TAL 1/98. These UK TALs need to be read with respect for different rules and regulations, but have much helpful advice based on field observation and research that can be used to aid apllication of Austroads guidance.

    Care may be needed with the installation of speed cushions. Systems developed overseas may suit different road pavement construction and may not suit thinner bituminous layers often found in New Zealand and perhaps NSW. It is necessary to ensure that speed cushions are well-founded and secured.

    Andrew Irwin
    Auckland Transport



  • 7.  RE:Installation for Speed Cushions

    Posted 05 October 2013 01:22
    Rubber speed cushions are widely advertised as complying with "Government Regulations".
    The only regulations I can find prohibit their use due to non complying ramp gradients and lengths.
    Is anyone aware of any guidelines allowing their use?

    On installations we have found that rubber speed cushions have a limited life in heavy traffic situations.
    They are not cost effective when they have to be replaced every 4-5 years.
    We have now limited their use to local roads with about AADT's < 1200 and low heavy vehicle %'s.

    Garry THOMPSON
    Bankstown City Council