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Herbicide Spraying - Vehicle Set-ups

  • 1.  Herbicide Spraying - Vehicle Set-ups

    Posted 14 March 2012 01:01

    Hi All,

    Has anybody got a successful spraying vehicle set-up that they would like to sprook about?

    We are changing the way we approach spraying and are looking at having a spray vehicle that can provide a multi-function output for our sporting field needs and also our Rural roads and Roads Authority spraying.  We are aiming to have it a one man operation, at least the majority, however, a two-man operation may be our fall-back.

    Thanks All...

    Martin Soutar
    Parks Coordinator
    Lismore City Council


  • 2.  RE:Herbicide Spraying - Vehicle Set-ups

    Posted 14 March 2012 21:06

    We use a std 60HP tractor (fitted with cabin pressuriser) with a rear mounted Quikspray unit with spray bars for wide area spraying, for road side it has a front mounted LH or RH side removable tilting bar with "dangling" spray nozzles so that guide posts and culvert edges can be done, all controlled from cab, "workmen ahead" signs carried on spray frame.

    Michael Borg
    Operations Manager, Fleet Services
    Rockhampton Regional Council