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Maintenance of naturestrips

  • 1.  Maintenance of naturestrips

    Posted 24 January 2012 02:14
    I am in the process of reviewing the service levels for maintenance on road reservations and nature strips. In particular the frequency mowing in urban areas. Do other councils regularly mow nature strips or is it a case of once a year and encourage the property owners to do their own. also do any councils have policies in regard to people planting on nature strips? Does any one have a policy that I could have a look at? Currently Hobart mow all urban natures trips 4-6 times per year depending on growth. Thanks ------------------------------------------- Peter Kerstan Operations Manager Parks Hobart City Council HOBART TAS -------------------------------------------

  • 2.  RE:Maintenance of naturestrips

    Posted 24 January 2012 22:30

    We have an old Street and Reserve Tree policy that is currently under review; there is also a Strategy and Technical notes on the Website call me if you need more information.

    Basically residents are not permitted to plant any tree on their naturestrip. Council has a large program planting over 5000 trees annualy and we try hard to ensure no inapropriate material is planted in the nature strip.

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    Jason Summers
    Manager Parks and Open Space
    Hume City Council