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Residential Green Fence or barrier

  • 1.  Residential Green Fence or barrier

    Posted 02 November 2013 00:28
    Hi mates, I am looking for some recommendations on plants suitable for a visual barrier between two blocks of units in a residential situation on the north shore of Sydney. Whilst bamboo comes immediately to mind, there are ongoing issues for the strata managers with traditional bamboo. Just wondering what people recommend? ------------------------------------------- John Roydhouse Chief Executive Officer IPWEA (NSW) Division Sydney NSW ------------------------------------------- Sent via IPWEA Mobile Application

  • 2.  RE:Residential Green Fence or barrier

    Posted 06 November 2013 03:37
    Hi All,

    I would suggest that you contact the local Botanic Gardens, where staff will be able to give information regarding suitable species for your location.  There are also Landscape Architects and Horticulturalists from local nursery suppliers who should be able to assist with this enquiry.  You will need to give more information regarding soil type, sun duration in winter and summer, wind effects, drainage patterns (overland or subsurface) and water regimes proposed.  This would assist with obtaining the most suitable species selection.

    Local knowledge will be best for this enquiry,

    Helen Paulsen
    Gladstone Regional Council