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Draft Standard for Playground Spatial Nets

  • 1.  Draft Standard for Playground Spatial Nets

    Posted 19 December 2011 02:19
    IPWEA is represented on Standards Australia (SA) Committee CS-005 for Playground Equipment by IPWEA Member Grant Humphreys. Grant has brought to our attention that SA is inviting comments on a draft Standard for Playground Spatial Nets AS4685.11.
    Essentially the draft is an adoption of the European Standard EN 1176-11:2008 with "ZZ" Appendixes to account for Australian conditions.

    Australia is bound by the Marrakesh Agreement (see attached) which means that Standards Australia is limited to technical changes that can be supported by evidence such as injury data. They are not permitted to make editorial amendments such as grammatical changes.

    Direct comments are encouraged to be submitted to Standards Australia as per attached. Comment is also invited through this IPWEA Parks 'Community of Practice' Forum.

    [Some details are attached however unfortunately we are not allowed to include European Standard EN1176-11:2008 (each person has to buy it and review it with the "ZZ" appendixes).]

    Chris Champion
    Sydney NSW