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  • 1.  RE:Urban Driveways

    Posted 14 November 2010 15:30
    G'day Colin

    We had this problem a number of years ago and developed a policy, application form etc to address most of your issues. Generally, only one driveway is permitted and that must be at least 15 metres away from the corner. Our approved driveway design must be adhered to, but if landform prevents the standard design, we attempt to come up with a design for them that doesn't compromise the use of the footpath and this is noted on the property file as well. Applications must be made prior and inspection prior to pouring is undertaken. We have made contractors remove and reinstate to the approved design. Since then, we enjoy good compliance except from newcomers.

    Our policies and applications should be available on our website. If you can't find them let me know on 67703821