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NHVL - Truck Weighing Systems

  • 1.  NHVL - Truck Weighing Systems

    Posted 10 May 2018 23:12
    Like most you I am helping our operational areas with their compliance with NHVL.  Most interestingly they have latched onto truck & plant weigh systems as a solution, not necessarily agreed too 100% by me.  But in the wake of Transport Compliance requesting "push" reporting from our landfill weighbridge of overloads, the topic is front and center.

    What I am seeking is comment on what is happening in your areas and how you are planning to move with respect to your loading obligations of similar equipment.

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    Posted 13 May 2018 20:12
    Hi Michael

    At Griffith we are installing weighing systems on most replacement tipping trucks, and we also have scales / weighing system on our depot loader and will be fitting them on all new loaders as they are replaced.  The majority of our gravel used on roadworks comes from the one quarry and is crushed and goes over a weighbridge on the way out of the quarry.



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    Posted 14 May 2018 21:45

    Between the two councils I have worked for;

    • Scales on all loaders
    • Scales on all replacement tipper, garbage and water trucks.
    • Landfill scales is always available as a resource for our divers and operators
    • We also have portable scales (8 pads) in the workshops.

    One thing in mind though, all these scales are calibrated annually.

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    Manager Workshop, Fleet & Depot Ops Manager
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    Posted 17 May 2018 01:57
    ​Hi All
    we have installed scales on our loaders and trucks for 3 years now and find them very beneficial for getting an idea of the weight going into our waste trucks.  The system does however have a 6 % error range however we load to accommodate the error.  Unless waste degradation occurs  before load out or soil is incorporated in loads overweight trucks are not an issue.  We check the load cells as the trucks are weighed in and out of the sites so that the variation can be monitored by the driver and feed back can be given to the loader operator.  The load cells on the loader can be programed to reach a target weight and this is adjusted when required to suit the actual weights going to weighbridge sites.