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Re: Dozers at Waste Facilities

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    Posted 29 May 2017 20:26
    Hi Gang,

    Currently putting specifications together to replace Komatsu D85EX_15EO Bulldozer.
    Curious to know if anyone out there has bulldozers at their waste facility?
    If so, what type/size do you operate and can you give an idea of pros and cons?
    Would you replace like for like or would you go with something different if you had the time over?
    Finally what waste package options do you run and would you say are mandatory/like to have/need to have etc?

    Thanks in advance.


    Daniel Hutton
    City of Karratha

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    Posted 30 May 2017 23:08

    Rockhampton had previously run a series of D7's kitted with landfill options, but in recent times an 826 compactor.  It probably is more about what work you want done on site.  We ran dozers due to the amount of earthworks and forsake compaction, more recently it has been compaction, compaction, compaction.  I must note both cases I am talking landfill, not waste transfer.

    Hope this helps.

    Michael Borg
    Co-ordinator Fleet Services
    Rockhampton Regional Council


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    Posted 01 June 2017 01:51

    From the last two councils I have worked for, the package consists of a Landfill Compactor, a drott and an excavator. A tipper or water truck combo was an additional. Normally used a dozer for mass clearing and levelling, not for compacting.

    Most of the Waste Management Department will recommend their requirements.

    Vili Masibilo
    Workshop Manager
    Gympie Regional Council


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    Posted 01 June 2017 01:52
    Hi Daniel,

    You must run a Compactor to get value out of your cells. 1 tonne per cubic meter of space at the very least. Dozers are designed to compact.

    We have 50T Tana and until recently also had a Liebherr 50t Dozer. We have just replaced the Dozer with a 45T Excavator as it has more usage on site than the dozer. We also have a 25t tracked loader and a 24t waste handler. We do landfill and sorting transfer of materials, we excavate our own cells and have a 30t articulated dump truck. We still use soil for overnight cover and the Truck and excavator work well for this.

    I'm not the one to talk to, but hope this helps.

    Mark Andriske
    Fleet Supervisor
    Shoalhaven City Council