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    Posted 18 July 2017 00:40
    ​Hi All

    Is there anyone out there that utilises the business system Open Office in their workplace, together with their Asset Management module Asset Master with a Fleet Management context, or use a separate Fleet Management software system that integrates with Asset Master.
    I appreciate any information on the subject.

    Greg Fannon
    Manager Fleet and Support Services
    Hobart City Council
    Ph 0438 381159

  • 2.  RE: Fleet & Asset management

    Posted 24 July 2017 18:50
    Good morning Greg

    We have Open Office for the Council financials, but use Conquest as the asset register. I haven't used Asset Master much but it's clunky and not a very good asset register. The only reason we still use it is because our payroll and vehicle charge out rates are tied to it.

    I really don't like using two databases for basically the same thing, but it would be a backward step to move everything to AM.


    Ricky Luke
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Glenelg Shire Council
    Portland Vic 3305



  • 3.  RE: Fleet & Asset management

    Posted 26 July 2017 19:04
    Hi Greg,

    Experience suggests that having several databases will always lead to some or other issue sooner or later.
    From memory you use TechOne system for your financials right? Have you considered using it for Fleet Management?

    Shai Bedarkar
    0414 750 202