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    Posted 18 July 2017 19:28
    ​Hi All,

    Currently reviewing our Motor Vehicle Usage policy (light vehicles).
    I'm sure this has come up in the past, but thought I'd revisit.

    What are other Councils doing regarding unrestricted private use?

    Broad question I know, but I'm looking at specifically the "where can they go and still be covered by insurance" space.

    We are a regional Council, so some consideration needs to be given to when Directors/managers/CEO need to take unsealed roads to other towns/communities. So a blanket "NO UNSEALED ROADS" clause doesn't seem practical. I've considered disclaimers, but there's a can of worms also.

    Basically our policy states that if an employee has unrestricted private use, they can go anywhere within the state. The unrestricted private use essentially forming part of there conditions of employment contract.

    Recently one such employee travelled to some quite inhospitable country, and while he made it back safe and sound, there were some questions raised.

    Any LG's that would like to have a butchers at our policy please contact me. Perhaps we can bounce some ideas around?


    Dan Hutton
    Fleet & Plant Coordinator
    City of Karratha
    0427 387 442