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    Posted 04 May 2017 21:16

    Hi All

    Donaldson Filtration Solutions have provided a number of publications to throw some light on the issue of clean fuel. These informative papers are available through the on-line Library. Go to the Fleet Community homepage and click on: Publications > Library > Fleet and Plant Management.

    Fuel cleanliness is something that can have a direct impact on the cost and effectiveness of operating our fleets. Fuel contamination increases downtime and increases operating costs including maintenance. The Donaldson papers include:

    CLEAN FUEL - This paper is an opportunity to learn more about how evolving diesel engine technology is driving the need for cleaner fuel.

    CLEAN DIESEL AND PRODUCTIVITY - We are all aware of the negative media publicity associated with the supply of wet or contaminated fuels. The loss of productivity and vehicle availability is well recognised. Reduced engine efficiency and performance through exposure to lesser amounts of contamination are less understood.

    WHITE PAPER, THE EFFECT OF HARD PARTICLE WEAR ON DIESEL INJECTORS - Since the late 1990s, diesel engine fuel system and equipment manufacturers along with filter manufacturers have cooperated in research efforts at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to determine the level of filtration required to protect fuel system components from hard particle damage. During the last 15 years, fuel injection technology has changed dramatically to meet rapidly evolving emissions requirements.

    Rob Wilson
    Manager IPWEA FLEET
    Melbourne Australia