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    Posted 26 January 2017 22:03
    Good day

    Can anyone please assist / advise on the following?

    We currently replace our Waste Removal Trucks after 7 years. Are there any Councils that replace theirs earlier and why?

    Further would it be more cost effective to own a fleet of Waste Trucks compared to contracting it out to a private company.

    Thank you


    Marius Vermeulen
    Manager Asset Management
    City of Armadale

  • 2.  RE: Waste Removal Truck

    Posted 29 January 2017 17:52
    Hi Marius

    We contract our waste collection services out, but change over period of the vehicle's would depend on a number of things:-

    • Operating environment - is it mostly flat or undulating/mountainous -  operating costs would be higher with the latter - clutch, transmission, fuel burn etc and life expectancy would be lower therefore change over would need to occur more frequent in order to avoid high downtime
    • Chassis the unit has been built on - European or Japanese
    • Would you require a 'spare' truck to cover downtime and repair of the waste removal fleet - public expectation for waste removal is high and can get very political when you cannot maintain consistency
    • Workshop and repair - out source or in-house - are you prepared to pay night time and weekend servicing and repair labour costs  -   are your technicians prepared to do this
    • Economic stock holding of parts - this will rise very steeply and will have to  be well maintained

    Get in touch with Gold Coast Council and have a chat to the fleet guys or waste unit that currently run them.

    Anyway - food for thought.


    Thomas Brayley
    Plant & Material Coordinator
    Tweed Shire Council


  • 3.  RE: Waste Removal Truck

    Posted 29 January 2017 17:54
    Hi Marius,

    You should definitely not change waste collection trucks based on a policy of age only. Rather it must be Age or Utilisation whichever comes first. I had first hand experience in my local government career of how the age policy can cause major issues. My council at the time had increased productivity (utilisation) through an EBA involving staff working a 10hr shift instead of the previous 8hrs, 5 days per week. This resulted in a 25% increase in engine hours per year and after 5 years the waste trucks were suffering serious downtime impacting on waste rounds not being completed. The council policy was replacement at 7 years only but that was based on past experience and not the increased utilisation. It took some persuasion but eventually the accountants accepted 5yrs/8,000 engine hrs which is the IPWEA benchmark.

    The issue of in-house versus contract is not clear cut and very much (like most things) depends on the situation and as you would expect with price not the only consideration. You can always test the market but be sure that you will be comparing apples with apples and the total service. There are many examples of both and it will be interesting to hear of others experiences. 

    Ross Moody
    Executive Officer
    IPWEA Australasia


  • 4.  RE: Waste Removal Truck

    Posted 29 January 2017 17:54
    Hi Marius
    The IPWEA Plant and Vehicle Management Manual is a useful reference for this type of information. If you don't already have the manual please contact me direct and I can help you get a copy

    Rob Wilson
    Manager IPWEA FLEET
    Melbourne Australia


  • 5.  RE: Waste Removal Truck

    Posted 01 February 2017 18:23
    The City of Melville owns and operates 21 waste trucks with maintenance carried out in house were practicle.

    The options of waste collection are:
    Outsource the whole business or manage the business internally.

    Outsource seems easy:
    No waste staff other than internal contract management, the workshop could concentrate on other areas maybe reduce staff and
    any shift work. The downside would be cost and reputation, any waste issue that involves residents is passed on to the contractor
    and the responsibilty and response time could affect the City's reputation.

    Internal waste management/Collection.
    Trucks purchased and sold based on the IPWEA optimum replacement periods (within reason and utilisation considerations)
    There is a level of cost effectivness, maintenance control, workshop overheads, SMRC contract benifits (maybe contractor cannot access)
    Do the council see waste collection as a core activity.

    The decision would be mainly based on cost, if the Cityy outsourced and it provided a  saving of lets say 3 million dolars, so over 10 years 30 million then it would outsource,

    Happy to discuss further Marius, do you have a 10 year Fleet Asset management Plan ? 

    Paul Wylde
    Fleet Coordinator
    City of Melville