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Vehicle Maintenance software program

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    Posted 23 November 2017 16:43
    Hi All ,
              i know this has had some previous discussion ,we are wanting to set  our workshop up with a plant maintenance program.
      We have around the 250 pieces of plant, usual things cars,trucks,graders ,trailers atv's ,chain saws ect .
    We would be needing the same basic things as anyone else in larger shires or private  ,Plant maintenance and record keeping  .job card's .
    If you have something that you are using ,if you have something that you think has worked good for you or maybe just as importantly something that is not good and to steer clear from I would appreciate your personal feedback

      Thanks in advance

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    Posted 26 November 2017 16:32

    Hi Richard,


    We are just implementing Ausfleet which includes a workshop module enabling scheduling and tracking workshop jobs in progress.


    This will reduce paper work sheets and can be input and updated on a laptop or I pad.


    It links to your fleet assets and can be costed if required.






    Andrew Douglas

    Manager Urban Operations

    p: 03 5624 2463 | m: 0418 246 628


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    Posted 26 November 2017 19:41
    ​Hi Richard,

    We have been using Conquest for about four years now. I believe it was started originally as a 'blank canvas' and built by the tech savvy folks in the office, it has a lot of pitfalls and is quite cumbersome to use although it seems to do what is required. A lot of data goes in which makes extracting relevant information difficult and confusing.
    Conquest is designed as a complete asset management system, used to manage all of Council's assets; roads, culverts, buildings etc. so it has been adapted for use with plant maintenance records.
    In my opinion it is not a very good program for our workshop maintenance management- but for the purpose of keeping records it does that,

    thanks, Regards,

    [Workshop Supervisor]
    [South Gippsland Shire Council]


  • 4.  RE: Vehicle Maintenance software program

    Posted 26 November 2017 19:41
    Hi Richard, at Griffith City Council we use Fleetmex.  It is a good maintenance program which schedules services and includes parts required etc, based on hours / kilometres or months.  Work orders can also be set up for non scheduled repairs.    We use the online version.  Give me a call if you want to know anymore



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    Posted 28 November 2017 16:01
    HI Richard
    We use Ausfleet here
    There are a number systems that we do the job.
    Very important to spend the time to set up the system right from day one otherwise it will cause dramas.
    Also good to have your replacement program set up as well
    Happy to discuss if you want more info
    cheers Neil

  • 6.  RE: Vehicle Maintenance software program

    Posted 30 November 2017 21:38
    ​G'day Richard,
    We've been using the Ausfleet software for some years. The program acts as the main database for all fleet assets and, all repair and maintenance history is recorded against each item.
    The workshop module handles all the service requests, initiating jobs, labour, parts and tasks recording and costing and updating the asset history. The workshop supervisor can monitor the progress and status of each job and compare estimated versus actuals.
    Have also introduced barcoding of jobs cards and mechanic ID so that an accurate record is established of times and availability. It also enabled us to trial electronic timesheets for all workshop staff. Next step is to introduce tablets for each mechanic so they can see the service / repair history of their jobs allocate parts and record the details of the repair for supervisor to confirm and close
    There are a number of systems out there, but this suits us.

    Best advice I could give is do your homework, identify exactly what you need to achieve then spend the time to get it set up right the first time.
    Happy to discuss further if you need.

    Pat Ahern
    Fleet Operations and Livestock Exchange Coordinator
    Swan Hill Rural City Council
    P: 03) 5036 2518
    M: 0418 328272
    F: 03) 5032 4690 
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