NAMS.PLUS3 Redirect

Introducing NAMS+, the new and improved Asset Management tool

  • Built on the latest technology infrastructure
  • A simpler, more modern interface
  • Real-time modelling a you enter your data
  • Improved online help


Best of all: 

  • No need for external data loads, upload your data directly into NAMS+
  • No more cutting and pasting images into your AMP – the document is generated with your figures and your reports already in place.
NAMS.PLUS is subscription based to provide staff in asset-owning organizations access to tools & online resources to develop, write and keep their Asset Management Plans up-to-date as demands on the organisation change. Asset Management Plans: document the services provided by the organization, provide expenditure projections for the organization’s Long Term Financial Plan, provide a basis for consultation with customers/community on the services they really need and what they can afford to pay, and facilitate the reaching of a financially sustainable position where the organization is able to provide the services its customers/community needs in a financially sustainable position. Developing annual budgets on your updated asset management plans and long term financial plan will enable your organization to operate in a financially sustainable position. NAMS.PLUS provides templates and modelling tools to: easily revise and update your asset management plans and long term financial plans, run scenarios to assess the implications of service level and cost options, simplify the annual budget preparation and adoption process, develop long term maintenance and capital works program based on agreed service levels, develop and maintain current asset management policy and strategy, assess current asset management maturity and set improvement targets and plans, monitor and report progress against asset management targets. NAMS.PLUS is based on the International Infrastructure Management Manual 2015 and aligns with the new ISO 55000 international asset management standards. NAMS.PLUS is continually updated and improved to improve flexibility and usability for users. NAMS.PLUS development is based on experience in use of the system and user feedback and suggestions. The NAMS.PLUS annual subscription includes access to the templates and on-line modelling, system operation, assistance to users and ongoing system development of a nationally consistent resource for infrastructure service organisations such as local governments.



It is time to transition and we're here to help...

FAQ:  Here are some of your Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to NAMS+?

Your existing login details will work for the new NAMS+. There’s no extra joining fee. You can login and start using it anytime.

When will NAMS.PLUS3 be phased out?

We’re phasing out NAMS.PLUS3 over the coming month of March, with all users to be transitioned by March 31st. The data from NAMS.PLUS3 will not automatically be transitioned across, so if you have any existing Expenditure Templates you wish to use, ensure you retain a copy of them to upload into NAMS+. It’s a quick 10-minute process, but please get in touch if you’re having any difficulties doing so.

I’m mid-way through creating an AMP, how do I transition my data across?

Watch this video for a brief overview of how the old expenditure template has been replaced in NAMS+. Its important to prepare any existing Expenditure Templates and reload it into the new platform before March 31st.

Where can I find guides to help me with the new platform?

Login to NAMS+ and visit out online help section for all our videos and guides.

WATCH: Transitioning from NAMS.PLUS3 to NAMS+.

A brief overview of how the old expenditure template has been replaced in NAMS+:

Plus a supporting document to guide you through the transition.

READ:  Transitioning document

This helpful document will provide details on how the expenditure template relates to the data model in NAMS+.