NAMS Consultant Supporters

The principle purpose of the IPWEA National Asset Management Strategy NAMS Council is to provide national leadership and advocacy in the sustainable management of community infrastructure.

A group of leading consultant groups have come forward and committed to sponsor support for NAMS to assist it in this goal.

NAMS acknowledges the valuable support of the following leading Consultant Groups which specialise in infrastructure asset management and have committed to support NAMS:

NAMS Consultant Supporters

SPM Primary

The support provided by the above group of consultants allows IPWEA NAMS to engage additional resources to progress its various projects.

NAMS.PLUS Consultant Support

Some Asset Owners (Councils, etc) may additionally seek external consultant support to provide direct inhouse mentoring and assistance in implementing NAMS.PLUS.

NAMS.PLUS has provided training to the following NAMS.PLUS Consultant Supporters who may be able to provide assistance.

Tim McCarthy Morrison Low Sydney

NAMS Supporter Package Prospectus

Note: It is still necessary for the Asset Owner (Council, etc) to join / subscribe to the NAMS.PLUS program to provide access for the consultant to the templates and other resources of NAMS.PLUS on behalf of the Asset Owner.