Emeritus Members

This grade is the highest that can be bestowed on any member. It is awarded by the National Executive on the recommendation of a State Division.

To be considered eligible the member must have first attained the grade of Fellow and have served the community for at least twenty years in relation to the delivery of public works and services.

The member must have made a major contribution to the Institute for a minimum of ten years and the contributions must be outstanding in character and well recognised by both the membership and the community generally.

The Emeritus Members of the IPWEA are:

New South Wales

Geoff Fowler (2017)
Chris Watson (2017)
Chris Champion (2013)
Bob Missingham (2011)
Lew Oldfield (2011)
David Abbott (2009) (deceased 2013)
Steve Carmichael (2009)
Peter Border (deceased)
Gordon Craig (deceased)
Terry Gibson (deceased)
Ted Hooper
Frank Lancaster
John Lindsay (deceased)
Robert Regnis
Don Sheffield
John Sutherland
Ray Trestrail


Kev Bickoff (2017)
Patrick Murphy (2013)
Dawson Wilkie (2011)
John Hawkes (2009)
Peter Way (2005)
Derek Stringfellow
Ray Moore
Thomas James Abbiss

Western Australia

Ray Tame (2011)
Allan Claydon (2011)
David Harris (2009)
Ross Moody (2009)
Gavin Watters (1995) deceased
Frank Bryant

South Australia

Barry Hagan (2014)
Wally Iasiello (2014)
Berwick Tonkin (deceased)


Robin Nutall (2007)
Keith Wood (deceased)
Leonard Cheffers (deceased)
Alan Robertson


Bevin Eberhardt (2013)
John Howard (2009)
Brian Duthie (2002)