Practice Note 6: Long-term Financial Planning

Practice Note 6: Long-term Financial PlanningFinancial Planning

Practice Note 6:
Long-term Financial Planning
Version 1

Published 2012

About Practice Note 6

  • Guidance for the preparation of a long-term financial planfinancial plan

  • Valuable for local government organisations that need to manage long life infrastructure assets to provide services for their communities

  • Enable decision makers to be properly informed now and into the future ensuring equity and informed prioritisation so that the organisation can deliver its variety of services to a desired, affordable and sustainable level

  • Practice Note 6 has been developed by IPWEA in partnership with the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government. It has been funded through the Australian Government Local Government Reform Fund

LTFP Toolkit

  • To assist organisations to prepare a LTFP without use of proprietary software, IPWEA has devloped a simple excel based LTFP model
  • By using this model you can input financial projections and generate outputs in the form of Appendix 1 of the Practice Note
  • The model can be used as is, or may be adapted to specified requirements
  • The model consists of 15 worksheets
  • Requires only basic familiarity with Excel to
  • Included in the Toolkit is a 'How to Guide' to assist with the setup

Included in the download is the LTFP Toolkit & (Excel) How to Guide (pdf).


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