Asset Management Planning for Parks and Community Facilities


Asset management as a business discipline is relevant to all asset types, however due to the uniqueness of the services and assets associated with recreation facilities and open spaces, these principles are applied differently.

This course provides participants with an overview of strategic asset management as a business process. The presenter will draw on the experiences and learnings of the industry over the past 20 years, to explore in detail several asset management planning processes as they relate to the management of swimming pools, sports stadia and other recreation buildings, and to both formal and informal open spaces.

Key Topics Explored

  • Introduces asset management as a business process, including IIMM and ISO 55000
  • Discusses the linkages between asset management and the organisation’s objectives
  • Explores the relationships between the organisation’s asset management strategy, the asset management plan (AMP) and other existing recreation plans and strategies
  • Details key lifecycle processes including:
    • The management and use of asset data
    • Condition and Performance assessment
    • Developing levels of service measures
    • Development of a long-term asset renewals forecast
    • Enabling asset management within the organisation

Who Should Attend

This course provides valuable asset management skills to anyone involved in the planning, management and/or operation of recreation facilities and open spaces, whether public or private sector, including recreation planners, asset managers, contract managers, operations staff and service delivery contractors.