Completing the AM 101 badge has definitely sparked my interest to take my Finance career and knowledge in that area and head into a career in Asset Management


Palmerston North City Council (PNCC)'s Asset Management and Planning Division

The Asset Management and Planning Division at PNCC have started a Digital Badging Hall of Fame - and apparently are getting quite competitive!  Why not try this at your organisation?  Try some gamification in your professional development - we'd love to hear how you are getting on.

Shane Browne, Downer

Shane Browne gained his AM 101 badge as part of a pilot run in our refinement phase of the first IPWEA NZ digital badge - AM 101 - Introduction to Asset Management, congratulations Shane!

Shane works as an Asset Engineer/Civil Engineer within Transport Service in Downer, splitting his time between providing technical structural engineer support to the Auckland region and providing asset engineer support to the Auckland region as well as the wider national group.

Shane says, "In the Auckland region I have been looking at using better asset data to improve decisions around treatment selection of asphalt primarily for road maintenance projects, ensuring that there is a consistent methodology to selecting a treatment.

For wider national group I help to support the strategic modelling and planning team, where we use predictive modelling to determine the condition of the road network and subsequently produce a  forward works programme to maintain the network to an acceptable level.

I would be keen to continue completing the Asset Management badges. The way it is set up allows me to study more about AM when I have some downtime during the day as well as completing training by a recognised AM institute."

One of the main benefits of the digital badges is to be able to take advantage of their convenience and accessibility. Digital badging is available from anywhere, anytime - making them an excellent way to build and augment a career in asset management.

Craig Cleary
Craig Cleary is an experienced Information Technology Professional and Project Manager, who shared the following thoughts on his reasons and benefits for gaining his AM 101 badge:   

  • as an IT professional working with Asset Managers in various organisations this training allows me to talk in language they understand and better bridge the gap from IT speak which improves the partnership.
  • the training gives me an appreciation of what they're trying to achieve and why so that when working on asset management systems I can better represent their interests.
  • I am finding that I am consulting more and more with systems that manage assets or are required in order to support asset management planning so its essential I have some domain knowledge to best serve my customers.
Asset Management as a skillset
  •  Whilst it is clearly important in the areas its traditionally associated with e.g. facilities, 3 waters, roading etc, its principals can be applied to IT assets (software, hardware etc) to provide more robust management of these newer types of assets which are now prolific in most organisations and increasingly relied on to deliver service to their organisations customers. 
  • IT assets are also now linked a lot more closely with the traditional assets that asset management was associated with e.g. IoT and so it is more important that people like me from the IT field expand our skillset with asset management knowledge.