• The 3rd International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference is putting the latest in smart street lighting technology...

  • When it comes to managing assets, many local government organisations struggle to get the accountants and the engineers...

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  • The NSW Government will push ahead with planned city council mergers but will abandon pending amalgamations in regional...



  • IPWEA Professional Certificate in AM Plannning

    Fast track your career with this interactive, engaging internationally recognised course. Commencing Tuesday 7th March.

  • Inaugural IPWEA Australasian FLEET Conference

    IPWEA FLEET is proud to announce the inaugural IPWEA Australasian FLEET Conference on the 23 – 25 May 2017 in conjunction with the Brisbane Truck Show.

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How to write an asset plan


Implemented by leading local government and utilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and Internationally,  IPWEA's PLUS series of services provides your organisation with sophisticated software assessment tools which output comparative analytics to help in your decision making process when considering alternative options.

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Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning