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After hours Breakdowns 0 17 minutes ago by Robert Gilroy
Vehicle Policy and Procedures 0 18 minutes ago by Fiona James
Non Destructive Testing 1 23 hours ago by Nathan Spencer
Road Pavement Practice Notes in e-book format 0 23 hours ago by Fiona Ide
Useful life Komatsu D85EX_15EO Bulldozer & multiple refuse compactors 0 23 hours ago by Daniel Brian Hutton
Advanced Asset Management Systems for Stormwater 0 23 hours ago by Andrew Priest
Building and Land valuations 8 23 hours ago by David Carmichael
Civica Authority Asset Register 0 23 hours ago by Michelle Watson
Waste water charges/challenges 0 2 days ago by Wade Della Torre
Heritage assets 0 2 days ago by Neda Abed Khojasteh
FLEET REPLACEMENT FORM 4 a minute ago by Bruce R. Duffin
Call for collaboration/ knowledge share: Smart Flooded Road Warning Systems 1 2 days ago by Mark Mark Ellis
Footpath Inspection Programmes 3 2 days ago by Todd Churchill
Seeking employment in Australia 1 9 days ago by Iain Cameron
Common Asset Management Related Tasks 10 9 days ago by Raja (Thillairajah) Sivapalan
Road maintenance using concrete 6 10 days ago by Rob Hazzard
software package to manage fleet approx 40 vehicles in rural council 1 13 days ago by David Cooke
Biofuel Trials 0 13 days ago by Gerhard A. Joubert
GPS Tracking on Council Fleet 7 13 days ago by Andrew Mason
Electronic Forms - Inspections & Data Collection 12 13 days ago by Narelle Hudson
Easements over Sewer Maintenance Structures (manholes) - SEQ Code 0 14 days ago by Gleb Kolenbet
Unmaintained Roads Policy - Liabilty and Risk 6 14 days ago by Graham Lantzke
Sewer Connections Policy/Guideline/Procedure 0 14 days ago by Braiden Philipse
Footpath dining permit extended into car parking space 1 16 days ago by Todd Watkins
Information signage at Pedestrian Countdown Timer Sites 1 17 days ago by Darko Bertram
Cost - Benefit - Anaylsis 0 17 days ago by Daniell Abrahamse
Good of examples of LOS community engagement? 15 18 days ago by Todd Watkins
Load Testing - Culvert & Bridge Structures 4 21 days ago by Rhys Horsley
Council-specific fleet management manuals 0 21 days ago by David Moran
Proposed Telstra Pits in Road Median 2 21 days ago by Harry Seccombe
Skatepark assessment procedure 4 22 days ago by Mark Crisp
Gardens contained in road reserves 6 23 days ago by Mark Crisp
Open Channels / Drains Unit Rates - Stormwater 3 25 days ago by Trileven Balaba
Open Channel / Drains - Stormwater (Unit Rates and Useful Life) 2 25 days ago by Trileven Balaba
On-board Tyre Pressure Monitoring 0 25 days ago by Michael J. Borg
Novated lease providers for small organisation 0 28 days ago by Anil De Silva
Wastewater Manholes with Hydrophilic seal 0 one month ago by Damien Wood
Post denitrofication after secondary clarifier 0 one month ago by Barry Hu
Cloud version of MyData (Assetic Product) 8 one month ago by Jodie Sandercock
Assetfinda - Version 4 0 one month ago by Jennifer Weal
Softfall in Wet areas 1 one month ago by Chris Hutton
Road Haulage Contributions & Road Maintenace Levies 7 one month ago by Mark Atkinson
Crash Attenuators 0 one month ago by Regina Connon
Crash Attenuators 0 one month ago by Regina Connon
Internal Service Level Agreements 3 one month ago by Antony Andradi
RE: Risk analysis for Stormwater Pipes 0 one month ago by Abu Rahman
Donate to RedR by 30 June to claim your tax deduction 0 one month ago by Robert Fuller
Tender Documentation for Telematics Implementation 1 one month ago by Andrew Watt
ground penetrating radar 8 one month ago by Qindong Li
Austroads Draft "Data Standard for Road Management and Investment in Australia and New Zealand" 1 one month ago by Ashish G. Shah